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  • PAIR Interface
  • Docketing
  • Annuities
  • Auto-Calendaring

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  • Broker Platform
  • Patent Pledges
  • License/Sale
  • Patent Pools

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Collaboration Portal

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“ It would be great if all of our brokers submitted to us using this platform.” – Kent Richardson,

ROL Law Group of Palo Alto.
Leading buyer-side representation for Silicon Valley technology companies.

How It Works

We’re revolutionizing patent management in 3 simple steps:


01Upload Your Patent Information

  • Add patents one-at-a-time, or in batches.
  • Associate patents with clients, departments, and internal matter numbers.
  • Works with issued patents, patent applications, re-exams, and provisional patents.

02Continuous Auto-Sync With USPTO

  • Notices, documents, and deadlines are automatically added to your dashboard.
  • You can choose to refresh your information daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Supports private PAIR and foreign dockets.

03Elevate Your Workflow

  • Add events and deadlines to your work Calendar.
  • Keep track of who’s handling each patent.
  • Integrate your dockets with our DealRoom to monetize a portfolio.


The ClearAccessIP platform is free to use. The true benefits of ClearAccessIP occur when it's paired with our automated data feed, however. Depending on your needs, you may want the data refreshed more or less frequently. We recommend the Daily service for patent practitioners who are actively prosecuting or maintaining patents. The Monthly and Weekly services are good for users who use ClearAccessIP as a backup or audit tool.

As a user, you have complete freedom to turn the data service on or off to meet your needs. Your account and docket information will not be removed or altered if you decide to cancel your data subscription. To change your subscription, simply visit your account settings to update your preference.

Group Rates

If your organization has multiple users who would benefit from ClearAccessIP, please contact us for discounted rates.


Enterprise Platform

Let us know if you're interested in installing ClearAccessIP on your own network. We will customize a solution based on your needs.


IntroducingIp dealroom

IPDealRoom provides a platform that every company, research institute, foundation, law practice, standards group, and licensing department can effectively and conveniently use to distribute and present modular groupings of their portfolios to third parties for effective and timely discussions of their own choosing.

Deal room landing

Misson Statement

Ip logo outline

Reinventing the patent lifecycle with automation technology and services. Taking away overhead burdens and unleashing the value of the asset, ultimately driving innovation faster. ClearAccessIP transforms portfolios from cost centers into profit centers.


IP Strategy Services

Interested in optimizing your IP operations? ClearAccessIP provides flexible IP strategy and legal technology services onsite and over web. Our consultants are experts in intellectual property law, administration, and agile software development. We believe that your IP services vendor should be able to answer any IP related issue related to growing your business.



We envision a system where patent practitioners, business managers, and innovators can work together to create value in a way the patent system intended.

Patents are a necessary part of wealth creation in our innovation economy. We are currently experiencing a major market failure in terms of access and information, however. High transaction costs and a lack of information about the marketplace for patent assets has resulted in many innovators either failing to obtain or failing to monetize a patent.

ClearAccessIP believes patent management must evolve to meet the needs of the companies and patent practitioners operating today. We have eliminated many of the costs associated with building patent portfolios by automating patent prosecution and management, and we have built an environment in which patent prosecutors and managers can assist their clients in securing monetization for their patents.

Our Team

We are a team of lawyers, engineers, and free thinkers who think the patent industry deserves a modern solution to a persistent problem.


Nicole Shanahan


Legal technology founder and consultant, Attorney, and Resident Fellow at the CodeX, Stanford Center of Legal Informatics.


Jake Varghese


Rails developer with over 11 years of development experience. Responsible for the creation of over 200 Rails apps.


Jon Bolden


User interface expert with over ten years of experience customizing websites for ease-of-use while adhering to solid design principles.


Andy Lin


Web designer and front-end developer with an emphasis on UI / UX.


Aditya Krishnan


Patent attorney, former USPTO examiner and in-house counsel at Yahoo, Xerox, Sony, Fujitsu, and Zoran.


Dylan Gittleman


Advisor. Business development and strategy expert, former VP at Merrill Lynch and IBM executive.


Edward Hartman


Co-founder of LegalZoom, Professor at Yale University


Mimi Spier


Senior Director, Strategy and Development for Business Mobility at VMware, former director at SAP.


Colleen Chien


Professor of Law, Former White House Senior Advisor, Intellectual Property and Innovation