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  • Research Institutions
  • Law Firms
  • Universities
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Bridging the Gap Between IP Innovation & Monetization

The first automation company with a purpose-built solution to strategically manage IP portfolios.

IP Management IP Monetization Virtual Data Room
IP Management


Daily status updates including USPTO mailings, docket rules, due dates and maintenance fees. Collaboration between clients, foreign associates, and law firms. Easy administrator controls allow for growth and scalability.

IP Monetization


Continuous insight into the commercial application of your IP. A flexible transactional platform allows for license, sale, cross-license, pools and pledges.

Virtual Data Room


Virtual distribution of portfolio packages for easy review and due diligence. Customizable encryption settings provide for flexible and secure data transfer.


Large Corporations to Solo Patent Attorneys


As a corporation, innovation is your most valuable asset. How you manage your portfolio matters more than ever.

  • Immediate and automated access to the status of your portfolio with complete file histories and legal status'.
  • A robust system that scales with you. Customization options.
  • Organize the business into IPDealRooms to keep track of the business' value. Get real-time insights into the business' competitive landscape.
  • Consultants are on-call to ensure your company's patent strategy remains on track.
  • Patent Management
  • Strategy
  • Data Room
  • Contract Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Transactions
  • Maintaining a Patent Pledge Program
  • Sales and Aquisitions

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Law Firms

Did you know that the ABA estimates that over 6% of all docket entries contain an error?

  • Easy, low-overhead conversion. Reduces up to 90% of manual entry.
  • Completely paperless system.
  • All data is accurate because it comes directly from the USPTO and is run through an automated MPEP rules engine.
  • Easy way to import data from your foreign associates.
  • Client portals are easy to create and share. No more manual report generation.
  • Full integration with M&A and patent transactions.
  • Creating redundancy takes seconds, just upload the serial numbers.
  • Patent Prosecution Departments
  • Strategic IP Transactions
  • Contract Management
  • Smart Data Room
  • Redundant Docketing
  • Client Portal
  • International Associate Portal
  • Workflow Audits

Inventors & Patent Attorneys

Don't waste time and money on overhead: focus on the important stuff, we'll handle the rest.

  • Cost-effective way to put a world class team around you.
  • Low overhead.
  • Access the same operational resources as large corporations and law firms.
  • Quality support without the high costs.
  • A platform that scales with your growth. Add collaborators with flexibility as needed.
  • Schedule projects with consultants to assist with project management and operations.
  • Docketing
  • Transactions & Patent Monetization
  • Contract Management
  • Budgeting
  • Transparency
  • Communicating with Outside Parties
  • Inventor Assistance
  • Patent Strategy

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Universities & Research Institutions

Less than 4% of patents are converted into commercial products and Universities have an even lower rate of success placing their valuable IP.

  • Speed up the deal-making process: get more eyes on more inventions with greater speed and transparency.
  • Keep up to date with the status of your portfolio.
  • Easily construct licensing programs with greater reach and clarity.
  • More closely manage your patent prosecution budget.
  • Create portals for researchers and departments.
  • Licensing Programs
  • Technology Transfer
  • Tracking Royalties
  • Marketing Inventions
  • Docketing
  • Market Research
  • Communicating with Researchers and Departments

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We’re revolutionizing patent management in 3 simple steps:

How To Do Step 1
Upload Your Patent Information

Add issued patents, patent applications, re-exams, and provisional applications and associate patents with clients, departments, and internal matter numbers.

How To Do Step 2
Continuous Auto-Sync

Notices, documents, and deadlines are automatically added to your dashboard. Supports private PAIR and foreign dockets.

How To Do Step 3
Elevate Your Workflow

Add events and deadlines to your work calendar, keep track of who’s handling each patent and integrate your dockets with our DealRoom to monetize a portfolio.