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Make better decisions.

ClearAccessIP’s Patent Intelligence AI™ provides users with insights to power strategic IP decision-making. Using a proprietary convolutional neural net trained on over 70 million worldwide patents, ClearAccessIP’s Patent Intelligence AI™ helps you make the connections between innovations across industries to surface that "needle in the haystack".

  • Organize portfolios to product lines

    Save weeks or months of manual reviews and committees with ExpertResearch™.

  • Source new opportunities

    Identify complementary assets or open new options with a simple and automated process.

  • Track your competitors

    Uncover new competitors or follow ones you already know. Create custom projects that auto-update weekly.

How we are different

Use the AI to search by concepts, not by citations or keywords.

Semantic Analysis

Rudimentary keyword count

Draft semanticanalysis

Supervised Classifier

Biased, pre-set categories

Draft supervisedclassifier

CNN Training

Unbiased, all patent corpus

Draft patentintelligence

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