Automated management

Cut down on data entry and get real time status.

ClearAccessIP ensures that every IP strategy is based on the most current available data. The AI Clerk™ provides the first integrated and automated docketing, prosecution, and maintenance fee retrieval system across 67 countries and regions. This ensures that all teams within your organization have access to the same, shared, up-to-date view. And, you don’t have to wait on anyone else.

  • Reduce email traffic

    Stop the email flow from outside law firms and foreign associates. Instead, receive updates and exchange files directly from your service providers around the world.

  • Get real time status

    Our system updates the data automatically through APIs on a daily basis. Don't waste time looking at stale data.

  • Save time

    Hassle-free implementation at no additional charge and no lock-in contract.

How we are different

Scroll through your deadlines with an interactive timeline.

ClearAccessIP can import and prepare an up-to-date view of an entire organization's portfolio quickly. See our real-time video.

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