ClearAccessIP adds Invention Disclosure Repo, Global Reports, Terminal Disclaimer Flags, and more.


In our ongoing mission to provide the best in class invention strategy solution to our clients and enterprise users, we’re excited to announce the first in a series of product releases that will continue over the next several months. ClearAccessIP is the first to market with a platform that provides an end-to-end data automation and strategy platform to clients wishing to expand beyond the traditional “offense” and “defense” patenting model. The system is designed so that your research and management teams can work more closely, with greater transparency and reduced overhead. Check it out at, e-mail or call us at 1-650-460-2110.

1. Invention Disclosure Repository


The Invention Disclosure Repository is a quick and easy way to record invention disclosures and have them ready for filing. Avoid paperwork hassle, e-mail transmissions and database uploads. It is a single, seamless process.


2. Global Reports


Global Reporting provides immediate report generation with the latest PTO application status update for any segment of your portfolio. Export and share from a beautiful, lightweight interface.


3. Terminal Disclaimer Flags


Terminal Disclaimer Flags automatically notify users if a terminal disclaimer exists on a patent and provides the filing date of the relevant parent.


4. AutoCal Annuities


AutoCal Annuities: Each DealRoom is set up with a calculator that calculates all U.S. annuities due in open maintenance windows.


5. Design Patents


Design Patents: Importing is now enabled on design patent applications via Imports. The system automatically retrieves and keeps up-to-date all Design Patent records alongside pending and issues utility patents.