Intro to ClearAccessIP’s Automated IP Management

ClearAccessIP’s AI Clerk™ ensures that all of the teams in your organization that touch IP have a common understanding of the IP portfolio and that the view is always up to date.

The AI Clerk™ automates routine and manual tasks, including:

  • Daily updates to the file record and transaction history (65 regions supported)
  • For US cases, retrieving the image file wrapper, automated docketing of action items and due dates, automated de-docketing, and annuity payment calculator and due dates

How can ClearAccessIP’s IP management transform your organization?

  • Onboard quickly: Did your organization just buy new patents or acquire a company? Add those new assets to your docket right away so you can start realizing their value.
  • Data access 24/7: Log in anytime and check the status of each outstanding response. And using our timeline view, plan your work for the next quarter.
  • File repository: Keep everything organized using ClearAccessIP’s file management system, tied to each application number. And maintain a repository of all invention disclosures and invention review committee decisions.

ClearAccessIP can import and prepare an entire up to date view of an entire organization’s portfolio quickly.

Interested in gaining access to ClearAccessIP‘s IP management solution and broad network of patent buyers, sellers and financiers? Contact us at to schedule a demo.