Intro to the Patent Intelligence AI

ClearAccessIP’s Patent Intelligence AI is trained on the entire English and English-translated patent corpus, over 70M patents and publications worldwide.

The Patent Intelligence AI sits in two ClearAccessIP products, IPDealRoom and ExpertResearch.

IPDealRoom is an intelligent, self-updating dataroom that’s purpose-built for IP transactions. Simply input a patent, application, or invention disclosure into the system. The AI reads each asset in full, then provides a list of suggested companies and their related patents. Each IPDealRoom also includes IP Map, which shows an asset-by-asset view of all the related patents.

  • Patent landscaping: Use IPDealRoom to quickly gain perspective on a new technology area. Set up an IPDealRoom and scroll through patent portfolios of related companies.
  • Portfolio segmentation: With corporate M&A at an all-time high, portfolio taxonomies go quickly out of date. Refresh your classifications with ExpertResearch.
  • Technology sourcing and open innovation: With IPMap, find acquisition or licensing opportunities
  • Invention management and filing strategy: Conduct an automated landscape search based on an invention disclosure using ClearAccessIP’s smart invention management repository. Make faster, data-driven decisions on how best to allocate precious R&D dollars.
  • Enablement reports and claims comparison reports: Quickly understand a portfolio and speed up claims construction.

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