The Intellectual Property of Longevity Report

March 2019

National Academy of Medicine, Longevity Grand Challenge Kick-off Dinner

Healthy Longevity Grand Challenge Kickoff Dinner

Wednesday, March 6, 2018

Reception 5:45 p.m. | Dinner at 6:15 p.m.

NAS Building | Washington, DC

Nicole Shanahan, CEO, ClearAccessIP (Center), pictured with Dr. Makoto Suematsu, President, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED), Dr. Victor Dzau, President, United States National Academy of Medicine,  Dr. Tan Chorh Chuan, Chief Health Scientist, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Health and National Research Foundation, Singapore, Dr. James C. Liao, President, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, Dr. Joon Yun, Palo Alto Investors.


In early 2017, Palo Alto Investors led by Joon Yun announced their intention to pledge the entirety of their healthcare related patent portfolio to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) Longevity Grand Challenge Prizes and Awards.

The following portfolios are highlighted as relating to the pledge:

1. Therapeutics that Increase Homeostatic Capacity

2. Therapeutics that Improve Control Systems

3. Methods of Treating Diseases of Atopy, Allergy, and Anaphylaxis

4. Method of Manufacturing Biologics

5. Women’s Health: Cyclically Variant Therapy

As scientists continue to break new ground in longevity research, there exists a growing opportunity and need for the exchange of intellectual property. ClearAccessIP is providing specialized management services to those wishing to expand their innovation strategy beyond the traditional “offense” and “defense” model. Each solution is designed to optimize for the reach and impact of the underlying invention.

In support of this pledge, ClearAccessIP has made available to the public the results of its machine learning-based patent landscape analysis of innovation in longevity.

The Global Patent Landscape

Worldwide patent filings have risen steadily over the past 20 years.

(Please note an 18 month publication delay)

*Worldwide filings have risen by an average of 60 per year.

*US filings have risen by an average of 20 per year.

Distribution of Patent Filing Venues

Companies are realizing the global market and impact that this research can have and are investing internationally in patents.

Notable growth in filings in Europe versus in the U.S. This is likely due to the perception of stronger patent rights, as well as the further unification of the European patent system.

The 10 leaders in “aging” related IP and commercialization

The Top Patent Filers have mirrored this trend and invested globally in patent filings.

Assignee US KR JP EP CN
L Oreal SA 155 36 76 94 58
Avon Products Inc 111 1 20 54 36
Amorepacific Corp 50 51 34 17 59
Nestec SA 40 3 11 40 35
ISP Investments LLC 33 6 17 26 32
Procter and Gamble Co 41 3 14 23 25
LVMH Recherche 28 29 22 8 13
Acucela Inc 35 17 16 12 17
Novartis AG 35 9 15 18 19
Shiseido Co Ltd 19 14 11 28 19

Profiles of Prolific Inventors

A few notable inventors are responsible for a large percentage of their employer’s patent filings.

Inventor Patent Filings Company Company Patent Filings
John Lyga 202 Avon Products Inc 474
Nouha Domloge 201 ISP Investments 204
Uma Santhanam 183 Avon Products Inc 474
Jean-marie Botto 164 ISP Investments 204
Dmitri Ptchelintsev 160 Avon Products Inc 474
Claude Dal Farra 156 ISP Investments 156
Vladimir A Kuksa 149 Acucela Inc 201
Ian L Scott 118 Acucela Inc 201
Ryo Kubota 113 Acucela Inc 201
Dmitri S Ptchelintsev 112 Avon Products Inc 474

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