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It’s been great 2019 thus far and I’m elated to look around the office and see our team filling out with such fantastic talent. We work hard to maintain a culture of learning, expertise, curiosity and growth and we feel proud to be working with colleagues who are leading-edge professionals in IP deal making, web application engineering and data science. – Nicole Shanahan

  • Deepa Krishna Promoted to COO
  • Omar Estoque Grows The Web Applications Team
  • Jan Lezny joins as VP of Corporate Development
  • Joe Corrales joins as Director of Business Development
  • Josh Lee joins as Data Scientist
  • Jacob Goddard joins as a Full Stack Engineer
  • Alex Goody Promoted to Product Manager
  • Yuri Yerastov Leads ClearAccessIP’s Growing Data Team

Check out what’s been going on!

Deepa Krishna Promoted to Chief Operating Officer

After a year at ClearAccessIP as Director of Business Development, Deepa Krishna has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer. In this role, she will be leading our customer success and product teams. We are so proud of everything Deepa has accomplished in the year she has been at the company and are thrilled to have someone who is both a brilliant legal and business mind taking on more responsibility and leadership. Product Manager Alex Goody will continue working closely with Deepa on all things product related, and as we look to grow our team we are looking to Alex to provide training and leadership for IP professionals looking to make the leap into product management at ClearAccessIP. Catherine Kim and our docketing operations team will also be moving under Deepa’s reporting structure.

About Deepa: Deepa holds a JD/MBA from Northwestern University, as well as a master’s degree in bioengineering. Prior to ClearAccessIP, Deepa spent her career as both a lawyer and management consultant, working predominately in healthcare and related services. She is a licensed California Attorney, and member of the United States Patent Bar. Deepa and her husband love to travel and will be visiting Tanzania later this year.

Jan Lezny Joins as VP of Corporate Development

Just as we began a massive design partnership with Idean to build out our automated marketplace services, Jan Lezny joined ClearAccessIP to head up the development of our transactions product and corporate development efforts. Jan comes to us after 25 years of service to Qualcomm where he headed IP transactions and operations. Jan brings to ClearAccessIP a wonderful breadth of experience, maturity, and leadership, and we very feel fortunate to have him on the team!

About Jan: Jan recently moved to the Bay Area from San Diego. He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the University of San Diego. His passion is designing and building organizations, teams and products. He also has a knack for great Millennial jokes.

Physicist Josh Lee Joins our Data Science Team

Josh Lee spent much of his career in laboratories as a physicist prior to taking a career shift into data science and software engineering. After completing his Masters of Information and Data Science from UC Berkeley, Josh was looking for an opportunity to join a fast moving start-up to expand his expertise in applied machine learning. We couldn’t think of a better position for a former physicist to apply his know-how on a corpus chalk full of relevant topics he’s worked with previously! Josh is working closely with our Lead Data Scientist (and Chief Computational Linguist) Yuri Yerastov who came to us from Google Assistant and has been a huge asset in improving the performance of our IPMap service.

About Josh: Josh spent his early career out of college working as a research technician and scientist, holding positions with Chevron where he operated and maintained instrumentation related to crude oil processing, and also positions involving Inertial Confinement Fusion experiments. Josh enjoys biking and optimizing everything he does.

Joe Corrales Joins on as Director of Business Development

Joe will be taking over from Deepa as Director of Business Development. Joe comes to us from Bloomberg BNA where he managed strategic accounts for the West Coast Region. Prior to that he held positions at IPAN, Questel,, and Trulia. We are inspired by Joe’s view of the role AI plays for the future of IP services, and expect Joe to play an essential role in defining and communicating ClearAccessIP’s integrated service model.

About Joe: Joe graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.A. in rhetoric. He is an upbeat, family orientated team player who loves working with people to achieve their goals. Joe also recently fulfilled a long-time goal to learn web development by completing the UDEMY Web Development Bootcamp.

Jacob Goddard Joins Omar Estoque’s Full-Stack Team

Jacob Goddard is a Full-Stack Engineer that will be working with Omar Estoque, ClearAccessIP’s lead Web Applications Engineer who has been with ClearAccessIP since the early days. We are looking forward to integrating Jacob into the nuts and bolts of our Ruby on Rails stack, and getting him up to speed on all there is to know about IP management. He will also be working closely with Senior Software Engineer Alexei Minayev and Data Engineer Kevin Ong who manage our cloud infrastructure and many databases.

About Jacob: Jacob comes to ClearAccessIP after several years as the lone wolf engineer at UMA Health, a start-up dedicated to connecting people with mental health services. Jacob single handedly built the UMA web application. Jacob loves fast cars and robots, so there is plenty he will see in the patent corpus that will peak his curiosity!