Our Team

We are a team of lawyers, engineers, and free thinkers who think the patent industry deserves a modern solution to a persistent problem.

ClearAccessIP Team

About ClearAccessIP

We envision a system where patent practitioners, business managers, and innovators can work together to create value in a way the patent system intended.

Patents are a necessary part of wealth creation in our innovation economy. We are currently experiencing a major market failure in terms of access and information, however. High transaction costs and a lack of information about the marketplace for patent assets has resulted in many innovators either failing to obtain or failing to monetize a patent.

ClearAccessIP believes patent management must evolve to meet the needs of the companies and patent practitioners operating today. We have eliminated many of the costs associated with building patent portfolios by automating patent prosecution and management, and we have built an environment in which patent prosecutors and managers can assist their clients in securing monetization for their patents.

Mission Statement

Reinventing the patent lifecycle with automation technology and services. Taking away overhead burdens and unleashing the value of the asset, ultimately driving innovation faster. ClearAccessIP transforms portfolios from cost centers into profit centers.

IP Strategy Services

Interested in optimizing your IP operations? ClearAccessIP provides flexible IP strategy and legal technology services onsite and over web. Our consultants are experts in intellectual property law, administration, and agile software development. We believe that your IP services vendor should be able to answer any IP related issue related to growing your business.


Nicole Shanahan

Founder, CEO

Attorney in California and a technologist who specializes in the legal applications of neural networks, structured databases, APIs, UI/UX, automation and SaaS.


Deepa Krishna

Chief Operating Officer

Leads customer success and product functions. Deepa is a US lawyer with an engineering background and management consulting experience.


Yuri Yerastov

Lead Data Scientist

Computational linguist and specialist in machine learning, Python programing, data mining and statistical analysis.


Alexei Minayev

Sr. Software Engineer & Data Scientist

Specialist in cloud, machine learning and natural language technologies.


Omar Estoque

Lead Developer

Lead full-stack developer at ClearAccessIP, where he manages our front end and back end development team.


Joe Corrales

Director of Business Development

Leading customer acquisition strategy and sales operations.


Znar Barwary

Head of Docketing Operations

Develops and maintains the automated intellectual property management system across global jurisdictions. Responsible for onboarding new customers.


Kevin Ong

Data Scientist

In charge of data sourcing and integration to feed the ClearAccessIP Patent Intelligence AI. Kevin is a data scientist with expertise in Python and SQL.


Alex Goody

Product Manager

Helps clients integrate ClearAccessIP in workflows to support patent acquisition, sales and licensing. Alex is a lawyer with expertise in Python and SQL.


Catherine Kim

Account Specialist and Operations Manager

In charge of operations, customer onboarding and success. She is a problem solver and keen on providing the best user experience to our customers.


Josh Lee

Data Scientist

Specializing in machine learning at scale, data visualization, GPU accelerated computing.


Jacob Goddard

Full Stack Engineer

Full stack software developer with a passion for creating new things and solving problems that will make an impact.


Wayne Sobon


IP Consultant. Former Chief IP Counsel at Accenture and Rambus. Former president of the American Intellectual Property Law Association.


Dylan Gittleman


Advisor. Business development and strategy expert, former VP at Merrill Lynch and IBM executive.


Colleen Chien


Professor of Law, Former White House Senior Advisor, Intellectual Property and Innovation.

We Are Hiring

ClearAccessIP is a progressive and growing business. We believe in a healthy lifestyle, providing stipends for lunch each workday out on California Ave (Palo Alto), a health and wellness benefit, snack stipends, and commuter benefits (we are two blocks away from the California Ave Cal Train station). We provide the UnitedHealth Gold Plan for each employee, and an annual conference stipend. We are small but fierce – joining now ensures you access to our initial employee stock option plan which is growing progressively with every round of financing.

For inquiries, email Catherine at catherine@clearaccessip.com.

Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails (On-Site)

The Engineering team at ClearAccessIP builds and maintains one of the largest semi-structured natural language corpus – the patent corpus. Our web application is extremely diverse, we have embedded artificial intelligence throughout 3 primary areas of intellectual property practice: data management, analytics, and transactions.

You’ll contribute to one of the world’s most important data pipelines – 71 Million+ published inventions worldwide relating to millions of commercial products, medicines and utilities. In your role as a Software Engineer, you will be responsible for leading and maintaining several core builds relating to our transactions workflows. You’ll be joining a team of 6 which includes a lead full stack engineer, lead computational linguist, senior backend engineer, full stack engineer, data scientist, and a junior backend engineer.

The role requires a strong background in Ruby on Rails, Web Development, and Databases. You should have proficiency in SOLR, Elastic Search, PostGres, SQL, XML, building and using APIs, parsing techniques, Hadoop and the like. From building micro-services that support the platform's use-cases to streaming/batch datasets- you'll work with a team of engineers and product managers to plan, develop, and maintain massively scaled systems that run computationally sophisticated algorithms.


  • 2+ years of experience developing in Ruby on Rails
  • Strong front-end development experience (Javascript, JQuery, D3, CSS), including writing highly performant front-end applications that utilize large volumes of data.
  • Experience with SOLR and the ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)
  • Experience with QA testing, e.g., implementing CICD frameworks including regression testing and acceptance testing.
  • Knowledge of Selenium & rSpec
  • Phenomenal communications skills
  • Passion for solving real-world socio-economic problems with technology


  • Python
  • AWS Services, Unix systems (bash, terminal)