ClearAccessIP Marketplace - Bill of Rights

Welcome to the ClearAccessIP Marketplace, the world’s first AI-powered marketplace platform for patent transactions. As a Marketplace participant, you are empowered to explore the world’s patents in a safe and agile way, one that opens up the ability to transact patents like never before.
By joining the Marketplace, you enter into a collective bargain with your fellow patent owners. You also enter a bargain with ClearAccessIP who ensures that the Marketplace remains a free and fair ecosystem, with the following rights protected for all:
Right to equitable dealing.Ic chevron
You have a right to participate on equal footing with other Marketplace participants. No IP owner or stakeholder, by virtue of their circumstance, is considered more or less worthy of participation in the Marketplace.
Right to good-faith negotiation.Ic chevron
You have the right to a partner who is willing to negotiate a deal in good faith. If your partner threatens litigation in the ordinary course of conversation, you have the right to notify ClearAccessIP and suspend negotiation.
Right to discovery.Ic chevron
You have a right to discover patents and patent owners using ClearAccessIP’s AI. Browse technology areas where you are a market leader or where your organization has no footprint. Compare your patents against others represented in the Marketplace, even if those patents may not be for sale. Identify and assess the strengths, weaknesses, and irrelevant areas of your portfolio. Iterate on your strategy in real time.
Right to anonymity.Ic chevron
You have a right to participate in the Marketplace with complete anonymity until you are matched with a partner. After you are matched, your identity is revealed to your partner who is obligated under NDA to keep your identity confidential. Use the anonymity to maintain privacy about your intent from the broader market.
Right to self-representation.Ic chevron
You have the right to represent your organization in the Marketplace provided you have the authority to bind your organization to commitments you make on the ClearAccessIP platform. Alternatively, you may authorize a representative, such as a broker or legal counsel, to represent you in Marketplace activities. The choice is yours.
Right to access.Ic chevron
You have the right to access all ClearAccessIP Marketplace services, no matter how large or small your organization. Whitelist any organization as a potential partner and connect if they whitelist you as well. Meet new partners and build trust by conducting conversations and negotiations through the Marketplace.
Right to independent evaluation.Ic chevron
You have the right to conduct your own due diligence to support a transaction decision. In addition to ClearAccessIP’s AI due diligence, which supports assessment of claims scope, validity, and enforceability, you may request additional documentation from your partner. Share IPDealRooms with trusted experts on your team.
Right to engage and disengage.Ic chevron
You have the right to engage with patent owners that whitelist you if you whitelist them. You can remove patent owners from your whitelist to avoid engagement. If your matched partner is unsophisticated, untrustworthy, or the conversation simply isn’t going anywhere, you have the right to disengage.
Right to transact with multiple parties.Ic chevron
You have the right, as a buyer or seller, to pursue as many licenses as the market supports – there are no limits. Manage multiple parallel conversations about the same patents. Creatively author a deal to encompass not only patents but technology, knowhow, expertise, and any other value-add.
Right to innovation commercialization.Ic chevron
You have a right to the commercial value of your innovation. You have the right to benefit from the patent system in the way the patent system intended. To receive monetary and/or commercial value from participating in the open trading of innovation assets.