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Getting Started

  1. Upload your spreadsheet in the following format in an Excel document.
    • Column A) Application Serial Number (always use application serial numbers even for issued patents, the upload does not support patent or publication numbers).
    • Column B) Matter Number
    • Column C) Client Name
  2. Refresh

    It takes about 1 minute per 10 cases. Some cases will require a full 24 hours to retrieve the most up-to-date information. We do not use outsourcing, or manual entry at any phase, rather our system draws data from the PAIR database in segments, to ensure we are not overwhelming the USPTO’s servers.

  3. Automation sequencing:

    As your spreadsheet is being uploaded, the system populates bibliographic data directly from the USPTO PAIR database. The system then sorts your portfolio by provisional, pending application, patent and reexam in the user dashboard. The sequencing then runs “docket rules logic” based on the latest transaction over the past year.

    All “New Actions” are USPTO mailings that trigger a docket response and response due date. New Actions are displayed with the latest action placed in the top row position.

    All “Pending Actions” are triggered when a “New Action” is detected. Pending Actions are displayed with the closest due date in the top row position. This is effectively your “to do” list.

After the initial upload, the system will ask you to select a plan. In order for us to provide the most access to real-time patent data to the online patent community, we have created 3 subscription plan levels.

Daily Updates: This is designed for the power user who is using ClearAccessIP as their primary or sole docket reference tool. Daily updates provide true real-time patent data by checking all pending serial numbers against PAIR records daily.

Weekly Updates: this plan level is designed for those using ClearAccessIP as a double docketing tool, or those using the system as a primary docketing tool but do not have the need for real-time docketing. Weekly updates keep pace with paper mailing processing times, for example, if an office action is mailed January 1, 2014, the docket will likely be entered into the system by a docket clerk on January 5th or 6th. Weekly updates check for any changes on the first day of each week.

Monthly Updates: this is for the user that is using ClearAccessIP as a reference or double docket tool rather than as a primary docketing resource. The system checks for real-time PAIR updates once a month. Monthly updates check for any changes on the first day of each month.

Our current direct calendaring system works with Google Calendar. However, if you would like a different calendar synced, please email us at: and someone will get in touch with you.

To calendar, simply click on the Due Date link under the New Actions tab or the Pending Actions Tab (they are connected). The pre-populated calendar entry will appear. YOU MUST CLICK SAVE IN ORDER TO PLACE THE DATE ON YOUR CALENDAR.

After your first upload, you can always add or delete entries using the “Add Serial” button located in each of the portfolio dashboards. Once it is uploaded, you will have to manually enter the Matter Number and Client name. Our API will run bibliographic data and docket rules logic automatically.

If you would like to remove any New/Pending Action dates, because you have completed a filing before the due date or do not want it displayed, you can simply “de-docket” the due date by hitting the “x” to the right of the due date. However, you must delete the date from your Google Calendar separately, our gCal API currently operates one-way.

If you have accidentally deleted a record you can always restore all New Actions and Pending Actions by going to the case listing under the “All Applications” center panel and hitting the restore icon on the far left on the column next to serial number.


Yes, however we will have to build it into your dashboard as a custom add-on. The private PAIR add-on allows you to upload your PKid to the site and which permits direct access to private PAIR in addition to Public PAIR. Please contact for more details.

Currently, ClearAccessIP provides excel and csv imports of foreign docketing. The system automates multiple countries, which include bibliographic data, prosecution status, and links to published documents. And we are continuously adding more. Automated docket rules and due dates are also in the works. Please contact for more information.

Absolutely not. All we ask is that you limit your portfolio to only those assets that you are directly responsible for maintaining. Therefore, please do not use our system for the purpose of monitoring applications that are not within your scope of management, for example, uploading 1000 patent applications of your competitors. Our subscription plans are not designed for this type of activity. If this is your goal for using the system, we do have other plans available for you. Please contact for more details.

We will monitor the serial number for publication. Once the application number publishes, our system will be able to pull all relevant PAIR data.

Assuming all serial numbers are correct, all data should automatically be audited each time an update is processed. If you would like help auditing the validating of the patent serial number, we can perform that service on a request. Please contact

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