Featured: AI for IP Transactions, Corporations, and Law Firms

Aired on March 27, 2018

Learn about the latest developments in automation and machine learning tools for IP professionals. Hear how Steve Colby (patent prosecution), Wayne Sobon (in-house IP) and Lacy Kolo (strategic IP transactions) use ClearAccessIP to track, monetize and leverage IP assets. Watch here.


The patent corpus is one of the most comprehensive sources of knowledge that humanity has ever created. We have spent the past five years making that information accessible and monetizable by integrating analytics into the day-to-day workflows of IP professionals. Using the latest techniques in data science and machine learning, we’ve built a solution that harnesses the available information in every issued patent and published application - including the text and context within - to transform the practice around these complex assets.

If you work with patents often, this webinar is for you. You’ll hear from three well-known IP experts hailing from patent prosecution, in-house IP, and strategic IP transactions. Each will provide insights on how the ClearAccessIP platform gives them an edge.


  • An introduction to ClearAccessIP and overview of ClearAccessIP Core and ExpertResearch™
  • Interviews with three of our customers on how they use ClearAccessIP to:
    • Automate docketing in prosecution, portfolio review and transactions.
    • Effortlessly assemble patent information to support licensing negotiations and financing discussions.
    • Find that "needle in the haystack" that fills strategic gaps in a portfolio.

Contact us at info@clearaccessip.com for more information.

**Long form podcast interviews with each of our guests available here